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LUNA - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

In the organizer's words:

For me, 25/8 means taking that one moment more for the things or people that are important to you.

This is how LUNA herself describes the title of her first album, which will be released in 2024. In October 2024, all fans will have the opportunity to experience the songs of the album live. In the last year, the young exceptional artist has mainly taken time for her music and for her first album. Her own coming of age, closing a chapter and arriving in a new city, the complexity of interpersonal relationships - LUNA has processed all these themes in 25/8 with her usual linguistic and musical finesse. In their own live arrangement, these songs (and more) will be heard on 12 tour stops in Germany in the fall of 24. Anyone who has already had the good fortune to experience LUNA on stage knows that the pop artist is more than convincing live. (Which has so far not only been rewarded with two almost completely sold-out tours, but also earned her the title of "German Newcomer* of the Year" from Ticketmaster). These are concerts that feel like a hug at the right time or like an encouraging conversation between friends. LUNA's vocal performance promises goosebump moments and she knows how to create a very special connection with the audience. Because in addition to the rich sound, LUNA's message must not be neglected: Don't let yourselves be bent. You are perfect the way you are. Thus, the 25/8 tour is also a very personal invitation from LUNA to her fans: Take this one moment more time - for yourself, for your loved ones and music that comes from the heart.

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