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Mal Élevé

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Mal Élevé goes on "Amour & Résistance" tour

Mal Élevé is touring Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic in fall 2024 with singer Osy and his band under the motto "Amour & Résistance ".

For Mal Élevé, love and resistance are not opposites. On the contrary: one requires the other. His most radical dancehall tunes against fascism sparkle with love for music, his lightest love songs on carefree reggae riddims are deeply political. On the one hand, Mal Élevé is a political artist through and through. His music is not just about resistance to all forms of oppression such as racism, capitalism or sexism. His music is resistance. On the other hand, he always thinks and acts positively. Even when Mal Élevé raps and sings about depressing and tragic topics such as war or displacement, his lyrics do not describe a hopeless situation, but always show a way out. His message is: We can change the world if we fight together. And with his love of music, Mal Élevé provides the soundtrack for this resistance.

"Amour & Résistance " - the title of the tour says it all. Mal Élevé relentlessly denounces the grievances of our time. In his songs and his announcements, he takes a clear stance against the AfD, racist police violence and sexist discrimination. He literally rehearses the uprising at his concerts. But despite, or perhaps because of this spirit of resistance, he never loses his love of music. Mal Élevé makes every audience go crazy with his mixture of reggae, dancehall, ska, rap and punk. This creates a sense of community that is palpable and makes everyone believe for a moment in a different, better world. Mal Élevé 's live shows create a solidarity on the dance floor that carries over into everyday life and gives us the strength to stand up together against all the injustices of our world.
The tension between love and resistance has accompanied Mal Élevé his whole life. It appears in the name of his former band Irie Révoltés, with whom he mobilized thousands of people far beyond Germany at countless concerts and political actions until 2017 - the word "Irie" can be translated from the Jamaican patois as "happy", while the French "Révoltés" stands for "rebels". His childhood was already characterized by the poles of love and resistance. His family is scattered across France, Germany and Spain. His father is a Manouche ("man") - as the Sinti in France call themselves. He took Mal Élevé on trips with him as a small child and went to demonstrations with him. For Mal Élevé, family cohesion and protest were inextricably linked from an early age. This background not only explains Mal Élevé's political and personal lyrics. These roots also explain why he sings in French, German and sometimes - as on his solo debut album "Résistance mondiale" - in all possible languages.

When Mal Élevé goes on his "Amour & Résistance" tour in the fall, he will not only be playing songs from his first solo album and certainly one or two hits from Irie Révoltés. Mal Élevé is constantly releasing new music. His debut album was followed by the "Solidaridad" EP in 2022 and the "Dream" EP in 2023, which he recorded together with singer Osy, with whom he has been sharing the stage for several years now. And that's not all: the duo will be releasing a collabo album to coincide with the tour - produced by the legendary Austrian production team Irievibratons. The soundtrack of resistance continues.

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