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The masters of jokes, the water watchers of the first hour - they are there live and in color!

Someone has probably already seen them on Instagram or TikTok, squatting by the harbor and trying to make each other laugh with their jokes! We are of course talking about Nico and Joschka, the two-legged joke machines and undisputed rulers of TikTok and Instagram flat jokes. Their story? Well, they've cranked it up from 150 Instagram followers in October 2022 to an astronomical 300,000. And TikTok? They've also pumped up their 300 followers to an impressive 600,000! No channel in Germany is growing faster than these two fun cannons!

Now it's getting even better: they're taking their jokes to the live stage! And for anyone lucky enough to snag one of the highly coveted tickets, it's going to be a feast for the eyes, because these two can definitely do more than just tell jokes! "Men who stare at the water! Live!" Now they're going on a big ride! Get ready for a tidal wave of humor!

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Batschkapp Frankfurt Gwinnerstraße 5 60388 Frankfurt am Main

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Batschkapp Frankfurt
Batschkapp Frankfurt Frankfurt

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