Mastering Legal Challenges – The Age of AI

In the organizer's words:

From start-up to exit: what legal stumbling blocks need to be considered and how do I develop and protect my business?

In our Legal Breakfast workshop, we will answer your legal questions about founding and setting up your company. Which legal form is the right one? How can the entry of an investor be legally structured? What should you pay attention to? And what is actually behind ROFR, co-sale rights and vesting and ratchet agreements? We would like to clarify all these questions in our basic CMS module.

This is followed by our CMS Masterclass. Here, everything revolves around the topics of artificial intelligence and protecting your ideas: What needs to be considered legally when developing AI? How can training data be collected and used? Who actually owns the rights to the models? How can the generated output be used?

Finally, you will have the opportunity to put all your individual questions about the start-up and venture capital world to our experts from the various legal fields.

We look forward to the exchange!

Christopher Freiherr von Lilien-Waldau
Philippe Heinzke, LL.M.
Dr. Nora Zabel, EMBA

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3,00 €


CMS Hasche Sigle Kasernenstraße 43-45 40213 Düsseldorf


CMS Hasche Sigle Lennestraße 7 10785 Berlin

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