Masters of Dirt

In the organizer's words:

Masters of Dirt, the craziest show spectacle in the world, is finally coming to Germany in 2024 with unprecedented highlights. A cadre of the world's best freestyle athletes will present incredible stunts in which the limits of what is possible will be exceeded not only once. First and foremost YouTube superstar and "Click Billionaire" Fabio Wibmer on his trial bike. Masters of Dirt is not only a show for motorsport maniacs, adrenaline junkies and freestyle freaks - but also for all young and old fans of fast-paced high-class family entertainment with amazing tricks, fat beats and an unprecedented fire show by pyrotechnics world champion Jost.

At Masters of Dirt, freestyle has been in the foreground since 2003: Entertainment at its best is offered not only with FMX bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes, but also with scooters, quads or snowmobiles. With constantly new companions and always surprising tricks it will never be boring at the M.O.D.. Over meter-high ramps, the vehicles are catapulted 14 meters high and up to 23 meters through the air, overriding the limits of physics - imitation at home is not recommended.
"Every year we have managed to set records again or show new tricks: in 2023 David Rinaldo managed the FMX Body Varial over 35 meters, Libor Podmol did an Indi-Backflip on his Dakar Rally Bike and Daniel Ruso set a high jump world record on his mountain bike with a forward somersault 11 meters high. In 2024, we will of course not break with this tradition and present things in Germany that have never been seen there before. Pure action is guaranteed! We are particularly proud of the commitment of Fabio Wibmer, who has been an integral part of the Masters of Dirt family for years, but has never ridden an entire tour," says Georg Fechter, inventor and mastermind of the show. Fabio Wibmer is considered an absolute crowd favorite and will compete exclusively at Masters of Dirt in Germany. "Masters of Dirt has been a dream since my youth. The first time I sat in the audience at a Masters of Dirt show, I knew right away that I wanted to ride there someday," Fabio Wibmer elaborates.

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