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Matthias Brodowy - Keine Zeit für Pessimismus - HAMBURG-PREMIERE

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In the organizer's words:

Questions? Then we can be reached here: 040-555 5556.

And that's what it's all about:

Matthias Brodowy is a classic artist: a hypochondriac who expects some kind of super-gau to befall him in the next second. In case of doubt, a dinosaur meteorite impact. And precisely because of this, he believes that there is definitely no more time for pessimism. Sounds contradictory? At most as contradictory as life.

But actually, it's the only chance to turn things around. Because burying your head in the sand is definitely not breathing!

So why not give the apocalypse a leg up and simply take action? With a smile on your face, because it would be too bad to leave the world to people you can never please anyway.

This cabaret evening is a clear exclamation mark for all those who would still plant an apple tree even if the world were to end tomorrow. Either in the garden or virtually from the sofa. Everything can be done online nowadays, and all hell is breaking loose on the Net anyway.

So: Let's get going! And if we are unsure: Grab the rollator! It will soon be available with an electric motor!

When you're up to your neck in water, one principle applies: No time for pessimism!

And then? Confetti! Biodegradable.

Brodowy's tenth program is as always political, literary, musical! Beyond that the self-proclaimed representative for elevated nonsense indulges gladly also the cultivated silliness and the grotesque history.

Matthias Brodowy has been on the cabaret stage since 1989, was discovered and promoted by Hanns-Dieter Hüsch and has received numerous cabaret awards, including the "Schwarze Schaf", the "Prix Pantheon" and the German Cabaret Prize.

Director: Rolf Claussen

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from €33,37

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Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus Ludolfstraße 53 20249 Hamburg

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