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Matthias Reim | Live 2024

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Matthias Reim | Live 2024

If you think of the legends of German music, there is absolutely no way around him: Matthias Reim! In 2024, he is going on tour again and will come to Berlin on December 29, 2024.

His unmistakable rock style has shaped pop and Schlager for 30 years, like no other, and made him one of the most popular German artists. With his special talent for captivating melodies, he wrote great hits, including real evergreens that probably everyone can sing along to. Above all, it is his unagitated and authentic manner that makes him so endearing, which is why countless fans have remained loyal to him for over three decades - for Matthias Reim, the greatest gift and his motivation. Always the same, a little crazy, a little romantic, a good piece of rock'n'roller. Forever young. Matthias Reim - a pop artist who still gives full throttle on stage.

Fans could see this for themselves live at the 2023 concert season. Matthias Reim is real, Matthias Reim is pure music, Matthias Reim is cult! It is all the nicer that he will also delight his audience with numerous concerts in 2024! When his energy carries the audience away within a few seconds, when his lyrics hit right to the heart and thousands of people sing along at the top of their lungs, dance and celebrate life, then you know: it's an original Matthias Reim concert!

Always there is "Verdammt ich lieb Dich", with which he celebrated his musical breakthrough in 1990. For 16 weeks, the most successful single release of the 90s stayed at the top of the charts. No other artist has been at the top of the charts as long as Matthias Reim: for an incredible 33 years (!). His debut album sold around two and a half million copies worldwide and made him a superstar overnight. Sold-out concerts, cover stories, piles of fan mail, coveted music prizes, gold and platinum awards followed. The hits "Nur geträumt von Dir", "Hey, ich hab' mich so auf Dich gefreut" and "Ganz egal" also became timeless fan favorites thanks to his characteristic signature, a mix of cool, rock sounds and clever, sensitive German lyrics.

Matthias Reim is currently experiencing what few of his colleagues in pop music have achieved. People are talking about a legend, the media are reporting on the "Reim phenomenon," fans are celebrating their cult star. And how does the artist himself react? Completely authentic, down-to-earth, almost a bit surprised, he recently answered during an interview - in reference to his most legendary song line: "Damn, is that me? Damn, isn't that me? Anyway, I can promise all the fans: I won't lose myself..." 30 years of success - and more! Fans can look forward to a mix of rocking pop sounds, old catchy tunes and many new songs with proper bass from Reim's live band as well as stirring moments and some surprises. It promises to be an exhilarating concert year 2024 for Matthias and his fans.

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Uber Arena Mercedes-Platz 1 10243 Berlin

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