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Max Prosa & Sascha Stiehler I München • Milla

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Munich - Milla
Admission: 19:00 - Start: 20:00

"In the beginning was the word, that is well known. But only music makes it perfect." This thought brought Max Prosa (vocals) and Sascha Stiehler (piano) together for the first time in 2012. At the time, both were still at the beginning of their aspiring careers, green behind the ears and stirring up their respective scenes.

Since then, they have written numerous songs together and developed a unique musical bond. "Dein Haus" is now Prosa & Stiehler's first joint album release.

The focus is on the interplay between the two musicians. No one could accompany Prosa's lyrics and stories on the piano as virtuosically and yet with the necessary restraint as Sascha Stiehler. No one could give Stiehler's piano playing with words as much depth as Max Prosa.

Numerous greats from the German music and cultural scene contributed to this debut album: Hannah Herzsprung, Egon Werler, Alin Coen, Carlotta Pahl, the Kaiser Quartet, Maria de Val, Liv Solveig & Kristina Koropecki.

The result is a unique, unmistakable world of sound and language full of musical diversity on "Dein Haus". Spherical, touching, driving and danceable.

On tour, the two exceptional musicians present their new album and meet up again where their journey together began in 2012: on stage. The green behind their ears has now given way to a wealth of lyrics, music and artistic connection that will be audible on their album and tour in 2024.

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Milla Club Holzstraße 28 80469 München

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