Meat Masterclass 3.0

Active & Creative Ehrenfeld Fleisch Kochevent Kochkurs Marieneck
In the organizer's words:

In this course you will learn everything that is necessary for the perfect handling of meat. How you can recognize it, which meat cuts there are and which type of preparation is best suited for which cut. In addition, you will learn the opportunities when and how you can implement it in the kitchen at home.

At the beginning there is a little theory with chef Stephan Jaud. He will explain to you the different cooking techniques, such as reverse roasting, gentle cooking and sous vide, and the core temperatures - bleu, English, medium, well done - which will be immediately put into practice afterwards.

This Meat Masterclass is one of our Basics courses and is suitable for all those who would like to learn how to spoil themselves and others at home with a variety of different preparations.

All the meats listed in the menu are prepared and tasted together. We pay great attention to the good quality and origin of our meat!

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Eventküche Marieneck Marienstraße 1c 50825 Köln

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