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Mouvman Alé. Electrifying Psychrock

In the organizer's words:

A hypnotic, powerful and electrifying mix of psych rock, pop, traditional Masquerian rhythms and electronics
Mouvman Alé's music from the island of La Réunion is bold and intoxicating, and the quartet's live shows are an energetic experience.
energetic experience. The group themselves call their style "romans non-galizé rényoné" in their native Creole language,
which means something like "experimental chansons from Réunion". Mouvman Alé fuse the "maloya", an art that has been passed down
generations on Réunion between music, song and dance, with a metal-like rock, Brazilian rhythms or even electronic sounds.
Brazilian rhythms and electronic sounds. The pieces by the band around charismatic frontman Franswa Virassamy-
Macé immerse themselves in the intense vibrations of everyday life on La Réunion and are an artistic dialogue with the symbolic figure of Tetka, who embodies the sometimes mysterious energy of the island. Connected to the spirits of the island, Mouvman Alé are constantly dancing on the volcano ...

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Price information:

Attention: changed starting time: 21:30h. VVK: 11€ reduced / 22€ regular B.O.: 13€ reduced / 26€ regular


34OST Oststraße 34 40211 Düsseldorf

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