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Naoko Tanaka ›Milliarden Jahre Widerhall‹

In the organizer's words:

'Billions of Years of Echoes' is a performative exhibition that reflects on the elementary and ambivalent relationship between humans and the environment - right up to their alienation. Naoko Tanaka's work begins with her travels to the contaminated exclusion zone of Fukushima - a place where radioactive radiation sets invisible processes in motion on an immense scale. Performative, filmic, drawing and installation works, each standing alone, together create a resonating space in which the echo of human impact on the earth takes on a sensual presence.

The minimal compositions in the performance for 'Billions of Years of Reverberation' sharpen perception and take the audience on a sensory expedition: a floating foil creates the impression of quietly flowing currents and ocean waves and draws the eye into the past and the deeply undermined. In a stop-motion film, real encounters in Fukushima between people, animals and other elements of nature are transformed into magical narratives. The ideas of creation, the forces of nature and images of humanity stand in radical contrast to conventional narratives.

The performance lasts 35 minutes, after which the exhibition is open to the public.


Early boarding is offered to the public for the performance of 'Billions of Years of Echoes'. This refers to advance admission to the stage area. The offer is aimed at people who need to experience the conditions of the venue in advance and find a suitable seat in relation to their own needs. Registration for early boarding:

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PACT Zollverein Bullmannaue 20A 45327 Essen

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