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Superstar NE-YO brings his RnB to Germany in June

What do the tracks "Let Me Love You", Rihanna's "Unfaithful" and "Irreplaceable" by Beyoncé all have in common besides their sound and hit status?

They were created with the help of musician and producer Shaffer Chimere Smith. Because before the US-American became world-famous as a singer under the stage name NE-YO, he wrote songs for many top-class artists as a renowned songwriter - and then also for himself from 2005. One of his first singles conquered the charts worldwide. "And I'm so sick of Lovesongs, so tired of Tears" is the catchy hook of the super hit "So Sick", which got the RnB singer's career off to a phenomenal start and soon after became part of his debut album "In My Own Words".

NE-YO spiced up his home genre of RnB with elements of soul and pop on the record - a recipe for success, as the multi-platinum status of "In My Own Words" shows. A year later, NE-YO won his first of three Grammys for Best Contemporary RnB Album with the follow-up album "Because Of You". Over the years, the award-winning hitmaker also became a welcome feature guest and worked - sometimes on his own songs, sometimes on those of his colleagues - with Ghostface Killah, Pitbull and Sarah Connor, among others.

NE-YO has thus amassed an impressive discography consisting of eight albums to date. In 2017, the musician temporarily withdrew from the music industry to spend time with his family and take a break, but shortly afterwards continued to work on records. The current work "Self Explanatory" dates from 2022 and is reminiscent of the glorious 2000s for the RnB star in many nostalgic moments, without losing any of its relevance in the present. In June of this year, the US-American will also be coming to Germany for four shows - a must for all 2000s RnB fans and the chance to finally hear NE-YO's worldwide hits such as "Sexy Love", "Closer" and "Because of You" live.

All information about NE-YO 's concert on June 19, 2024 at the Zenith can be found HERE or in the Facebook event.

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