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NICA exchange: Koen Boeijinga's Dutch Mountain Tribe | Fabian Dudek / Almost

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18:00 I Concert I 🎤 Concert hall

Dutch woodwind player, composer and improviser Koen Boeijinga presents his new project Dutch Mountain Tribe. The seven-member collective includes both young pioneers and established virtuosos from the Dutch improvisation scene. They unite their diverse backgrounds in a dense fabric of idiosyncratic melodies, enchanting rhythms and improvisations. The music is reminiscent of folk songs from a mythical Dutch mountain landscape. The collective has an extensive arsenal of percussion instruments, flutes, bagpipes and other items from Boeijinga's immense collection, which coherently shape the ensemble sound.

Last year, Dutch Montain Tribe was awarded KEEP AN EYE The Records. The band's debut album was released on March 15, 2024 on ZenneZ Records.


On the road to somehow arrive somewhere. Focused on a destination with an uncertain outcome in mind: Almost. Four musicians focus on Fabian Dudek'sunique and thoughtful compositions, with which the saxophonist explores new spheres of sound. Dudek has been working with pianist Felix Hauptmann for many years - Hauptmann plays in Dudek's two main projects, his quartet and the sextet La Campagne - and contributes his voice to this constellation, which was premiered in summer 2023. Like Dudek and Hauptmann, drummer Alex Parzhuber is an integral part of the Cologne scene and is characterized by his attentive and energetic playing, be it on his releases under his own name or, for example, as a member of Dudek's La Campagne or Vagabond Souls. These three are joined by London-based bassist, singer and composer Ruth Goller, a key player in the UK improv scene. She has played with bands such as Acoustic Ladyland and Melt Yourself Down and collaborated with musicians such as Shabaka Hutchings, Kit Downes, Sam Amidon, Bojan Z, Marc Ribot, Rokia Traoré and Paul McCartney. A meeting of four individually strong musicians who gather around Dudek's music, which explores the escape from the world and leaves its listeners enough space for reflection.

Fabian Dudek was nominated for the German Record Critics' Award in early 2024 with his album "Protecting A Picture That's Fading" (La Campagne) and for the German Jazz Award 2024 in the "Composition/Arrangement" category with the title composition of the same name.


Fabian Dudek / Almost: Fabian Dudek (saxophone, composition), Felix Hauptmann (piano), Ruth Goller (bass), Alex Parzhuber (drums), Dutch Montain Tribe: Koen Boeijinga (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, composition), Giuseppe Doronzo (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Salvoandrea Lucifora (trombone, tuba, percussion, guitar), Mary Oliver (viola, hardanger violin), Pau Sola Masafrets (cello), Esat Ekincioglu (double bass), Onno Govaert (drums, percussion)

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