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Ausverkauft | Niklas Kolorz

Spoken word science MINT sciene slam
In the organizer's words:

#MindBlownUniversity LIVE: Big ideas - simply explained

For millennia, great discoveries have shaped and revolutionized our understanding of the world. Why is the earth round? Why is the sky blue? How is the full moon formed, and what does it have to do with high and low tides? We think we have found a good answer to many of these questions. But where do they come from? Who discovered them, and is it all really true?
Science journalist and bestselling author Niklas Kolorz takes the audience on an entertaining knowledge show, vividly explaining the biggest ideas of our time with models, animations and the necessary pinch of humor. From the spherical shape of the earth to the edge of our solar system. From Newton's laws of gravity to Einstein's theory of relativity to Schrödinger's cat and quantum physics. From the most surprising discoveries and the funniest failures in the history of science. There is something new here to amaze, laugh and learn.

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