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Nunofyrbeeswax write and play a bunch of pop songs as raw as their hearts in a minimal set up. Their music escapes easy associations, however, their sound has been described as an idiosyncratic blend of garage rock, post punk and proto indie -for whatever that means. The essence of their sound channels raw energy, melody and charming amateurism.

Formed in 2016 in Berlin as a duo with common love for Beat Happening, Minimalism and Rock and Roll, Nunofyrbeeswax started composing and performing restlessly. Since then the band has toured Europe several times and the U.S. Since their formation the band released two albums and an EP, plus singles and live albums. Stratotoaster, their most recent studio effort, was released on vinyl in 2021. Stratotoaster melts seamlessly into one greater musical entity without holding back on arrangements and experiments. The album's backbone is made by rhythms driven by pounding percussions and colored with primitive guitars, unexpected collaborations and vocal harmonies.

Pure Dirt

Away from the need for perfection. Away from norms. Out of the machine. Melancholy meets aggression. Fear, then supermarket. Pure Dirt express this emotional world in their shows with a mixture of punk and rock. Sometimes moshpit thunderstorms, sometimes calm before the storm. Parallel to their live shows, their first two singles "Heavenly Peace" and "Maschine" were released last year, as a result of which they also played their first shows outside Munich.

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