PHOTO: © Jennifer Raff

Ocean & Jungle - Malerei mit Texturpaste in Berlin

In the organizer's words:

In this inspiring workshop, we combine the fascinating world of the ocean and the jungle with the exciting technique of texture painting. Immerse yourself in the diversity of texture paste and create your own masterpieces on a 40 cm x 50 cm canvas. Painting is a wonderful way to leave everyday life behind you and sink into the creative flow. Meet like-minded people, share ideas and enjoy the creative atmosphere.

What can you expect?

Two motifs to choose from:

  • Ocean: Feel the salty wind and the power of the sea as you paint a majestic wave or the crashing surf. The texture paste gives the whitecaps and spray effects a realistic touch.
  • Jungle: Immerse yourself in the impenetrable green of the jungle. Paint mysterious lights on exotic plants. The texture paste makes leaves stand out vividly.

Materials included:

  • We provide all the materials, including the 40 cm x 50 cm canvas.
  • The texture paste allows you to create three-dimensional effects and give your pictures a unique surface.
  • We also provide many different acrylic paints

Instructions and freedom:

  • Our experienced artist will guide you through the techniques of texture painting.
  • At the same time, we encourage you to follow your intuition and find your own interpretation.

So grab your brushes and let's discover the magic of "Ocean & Jungle: Painting with Texture Paste" together! 🎨🌴🌊

What you should bring with you

  • A bag in which you can safely take your artwork home with you.
  • Otherwise, just motivation and a good mood. :)

Which services are included

  • All materials
  • Snacks & drinks
  • Professional guidance
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