Oktober Veedeltour: All around Junkersdorf - eine sportliche Runde durch den Kölner Westen

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Every month we discover a Veedel for you together with our partner Haus Kölscher Brautradition. Enjoy a cool Kölsch, have a drink, delicious & special food in the Veedel or just take a look at special features? We'll tell you the highlights in our Veedel Tour and you can just grab your phone and get to the bottom of our tips.

The planning is always as exciting as the evening itself. Which neighborhood do we take? Which restaurant, which pubs do we try? Today we put on comfortable shoes, because our walks are a bit longer than usual. We are exploring Junkersdorf.

1st stop: LeBistrot99

We start directly with something very special and go to "LeBistrot99", a French restaurant on Aachener Straße. We've had our eye on this one for a while and treat ourselves today. We eat "à la carte". The selection is clear, simple and promising. First, we order various starters - here, mutual tasting is expressly desired! There is a wide variety of main courses: from coq au vin, entrecôte, fillet of gilthead or fettuccine with summer truffles, there is something for all tastes. The first course makes our mouths water and makes us want more. For the second course we take a Sion Kölsch, which comes out of the bottle chic in black design. Wow, we are enchanted - by the first-class food, the great service and the French atmosphere. The stylish lights on the tables bathe everything in a fairytale light. We can't help ourselves and order dessert as well. Yummi - that was a feast! It's a good thing we're still walking.

2nd stop: Playa in Cologne

Via the Peco-Bauwens-Allee, a sneaky path, we come to the "Playa in Cologne", Cologne's oldest beach volleyball facility. It can now do a lot more, offers indoor and outdoor space for all kinds of events, and serves modern dishes. We look for a table and get our second Sion. Two of us have already played here with friends and say that it was great fun. Have you been there too?

3rd stop: Anno Pomm

After the last drop has been drunk, we take the direct, not so pretty route along Junkersdorfer Straße. Via a street with the sounding name "Am Himmel" we come to the "Anno Pomm". Here, everything revolves around the potato, and you can see that as soon as you enter the cozy courtyard through an Italian-looking stone gate. In the dining room, the décor is rustic; lots of wood with a charming mix of different table-chair combinations. As a stopover, we take our Kölsch at the bar and are on our way again quite quickly.

4th stop: At my house

As we approach our next destination via Vogelsanger Weg, streets with euphonious flower names, such as the Heckenrosenpfad (hedge rose path), depart to the right and left. I imagine that it smells particularly good here. The others smell nothing. We cross Aachener and enter "Bei mir zu Haus". On the counter is a life-size "Hennes" in gold. No doubt, this is the second living room of many fans of 1. FC Köln. No sooner have we sat down than the first solidly drawn Sion Kölsch is on the table. After the distance we have covered, it goes down well. We talk shop a bit more and then head off to the last stop.

5th stop: Em Latänche

There is no other way out of town than via Aachener. And it is at least as ugly as the Clevischer Ring. On the other hand, Bahnstraße, which we turn into, is all the more tranquil. Many single-family houses with pretty fronts line the street. Then we are finally there: "Em Latänche" glows warmly and invitingly. We enter and settle down on a high wooden bench on the right. The Peters Kölsch comes as if by magic. We enjoy it and are glad that we decided to do this round through the extended Junkersdorf. It was a really nice day!

We'll see each other again next month - behind the bar, at the tables, with a Kölsch in hand and, of course, in a new Veedel.

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