ONKeL fISCH: WDR 2 Zugabe Pur Jahresrückblickshow

Spoken word Kabarett
In the organizer's words:

ONKeL fISCH looks back / WDR 2 Encore Pur Year in Review Show
The satirical review of the year with the (most important) funny stuff from 2023

On the radio, ONKeL fISCH for WDR 2 and SWR 3 look back on the week every seven days in their highly acclaimed shows. At the end of the year, for the seventh time, the short track for radio goes on a long tour through the theaters of the republic.

Who would have thought it: The turn of the times produces a turn of the traffic in 2023 and Germany sends Leopard tanks to the Ukraine. After only one year of discussion - this must be Germany's speed. The Chinese are faster and more environmentally friendly. They send weather balloons to the USA. Much to Volker Wissing's annoyance, because the balloons fly without combustion engines. The traffic light coalition partners argue, the unions go on strike and the banks go bankrupt again. Gianni Fifantino is re-elected and proves that soccer in 2023 is still all about sporting values: money, shares and power.

ONKeL fISCH present 365 days in 100 breathless minutes: Here is mocked to heart's content, praised, scolded, sung and danced. Action cabaret straight from the creative minds of two award-winning and experienced "masters of cabaret" (Main Echo).

The duo ONKeL fISCH was founded in 1994.
Since then, Adrian Engels and Markus Riedinger have not only torn down hundreds of stages throughout Germany, but have also delighted radio listeners with thousands of sketches (WDR 2, WDR 5, SWR 3, Eins Live, HR 3, and many more) and enriched, written and produced television programs (Nightwash, Stratmann's, SWR Late Night, and many more).
WDR television has recorded three programs by ONKeL fISCH, they have released 10 CDs and written a book. They won all kinds of awards. And because they were gifted by Mother Nature with an extra portion of energy and crazy ingenuity, they just can't stop doing it.

Awards (selection):
"Golden Dajeh" 2018 (1st place of the Eifel Culture Days).
"German Cabaret Prize" 2017 (special prize)
"Gaul of Lower Saxony" 2017
Melsungen cabaret competition for the "Scharfe Barte" 2017 (1st place)
Cabaret competition for the "Lüdenscheider Lüsterklemme" 2017 (1st place)
"Stuttgarter Besen" 2016 (audience award)

Press quotes on "ONKeL fISCH looks back" (selection):

"What ONKeL fISCH offer is political satire at its best, profound in content, razor-sharp analysis. Choreographed comedy with an unrestrained urge to move, an intelligent fun spectacle, an enlightenment trip on a high entertainment level." - Badisches Tagblatt

"With high tempo and full physical effort, the duo jokes their way through the months in the best of moods. Precisely placed satire." - Kölner Rundschau

"The fireworks of intelligent analysis, sparkling inventiveness and unrestrained play of the truly grandiose duo were rewarded with long-lasting applause." - Mittelbadische Presse

"A stroke of luck for the audience, even if sometimes the laughter wants to stick in the throat." - Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

"Rarely does one get such a fast-paced, witty and politically enlightening review of the year. A review of the year of a special kind." - Schwarzwälder Bote

"In the end, everything cheered, enthusiastic whistles accompanied. A playful masterpiece."- Die Harke Niedersachse

"Pointedly, ironically and enigmatically ONKeL fISCH served up a punchy gag firework. Long-lasting applause from the enthusiastic audience." - Schwäbische Zeitung

"Then the two gentlemen in the chic black suits transformed themselves into whatever they wanted, without having to dress up for it. With incredible energy , so that the audience was quickly carried away and gave a lot of enthusiastic applause. It was a great spectacle in a successful mix of cabaret, totally wacky comedy and strong vocal performances." - Wolfsburger Allgemeine

"Stormy applause." - Südkurier

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