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Sat., 22.06.24

Admission 7 pm Start 8 pm

Blue Shell Live:



In 1992, the two Hanoverians Lars Timm Felker and Martin Bodewell decided to make their contribution to the EBM scene. The name Orange Sector was the result of an accidental play on words. The first demo songs were created in a one-room apartment. The equipment at the time was bought from friends De/Vision and Oomph. But friends had to persuade the two of them to apply to a record company. A demo tape called THE WAR COMES HOME was then sent to the cult label Zoth Ommog. After a short wait, they were accepted. The debut album FAITH was released in 1993. But after many energetic live shows, Orange Sector ended their career in 1998. The comeback came in 2005 with a call from Infacted Recordings. Torben Schmidt was able to convince Orange Sector to revive the old times. Since then, the two have been supported live by Rene Nowotny. The twelfth album ALLES WIRD GOLD was released in December 2021. OS wanted to sound like themselves. The songs have a typical sound. They are short and to the point. Compared to the last album ALARM, melodies were allowed this time. The lyrics deal with the topics of internet hate, hate & violence and catastrophes. For the live performance, the band 2023 has joined forces with Eli van Vegas. Eli will play the electric drums live. The release of a new album is planned for 2024.

Video link: Destroyer:

The Machinist:


EBM Industrial

TC75 is the solo project of Tino Claus (Amnistia, NER\OGRIS, MRDTC) with whom he has been treading paths away from his band projects since 2007. Dark, electronic industrial music in the style of the "Belgian school", direct and without frills. TC75 experiments with a colder, rougher, minimalist and more aggressive version of electronic body music.

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🎟️ Tickets: Advance booking: 24 € (plus fee)

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Blue Shell Luxemburger Straße 32 50674 Köln

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