OttO Augenmerk taped Kunterbunt

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In the organizer's words:

by Gabriel Galindez Cruz - A play for deaf and hearing children from the age of 4.

Curious and adventurous, OttO Augenmerk travels from universe to universe. Finally, he lands on Earth. He decides to stay and get to know it. First he builds a roof over his head. With duct tape and imagination he forms a house, a bed, a kitchen, a shower, a hairdryer and other everyday things. OttO learns to use everything - and then he gets bored. One day is like the next.
Luckily, he has the unique ability to create things and change them in any way he wants. He goes in search of new colors to make his world more colorful and beautiful.

A production by Gabriel Galindez Cruz, funded by Fonds Darstellende Kunst - Neustart Kultur / Prozessförderung. Created at Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin.

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Price information:

3.00 - 13.00€


Theater an der Parkaue Parkaue 29 10367 Berlin