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A contemporary opera

What do we remember? Who and what shapes our memory? How can we remember events in which we were not involved? And what influence does memory have on the present and the future? over and over vorbei nicht vorbei uses historical-musical material as a starting point for a remix that incorporates different musical styles and practices and brings together German and English, past and present, and archival and creative recombinations.

Using fragments of songs from the American and German contexts, "over and over not over" deals with the individual and collective process of remembering and brings two cultures into a dialog about the questions: How do societies deal with violence in their past, National Socialist history in Germany and the history of slavery in the USA? And how do the next, younger generations look at the crimes of their ancestors?

In changing arrangements, juxtapositions and repetitions, the text fragments are placed in ever new relationships to one another. Connections are created which are then cut again, only to take on a different form once more. Inner images appear and disappear again. The composition by Ted Hearne, directed by Daniel Fish, unites voices from different generations: US singers Eliza Bagg and Isaiah Robinson meet Komische Oper Berlin ensemble member Tom Erik Lie and the Berlin youth choir Vokalhelden. They are accompanied by an ensemble of musicians from different musical styles from both countries, who create a score that is strongly oriented towards electronic music. The vocal lines take up popular and operatic traditions, sometimes alienated by vocal processing.

Note: The performance on February 12 is reserved for school groups.

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18.00 - 28.00€ Groups of 15 or more students pay 8,00 € in all price groups. 6,00 € for tickets of the children's operas and children's concerts in all price groups for performances from Monday to Friday. Registration with school confirmation at


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