In the organizer's words:

Dive into the world of watercolor painting in a place of tranquility + creativity!

Everyone has creativity inside!

However, it is not always easy to discover it at all, to let it out and to create the space for it.

Creative activities lead to a sustainable improvement of well-being. Feelings of happiness and enthusiasm are demonstrably increased.

Painting with watercolors is a wonderful, flowing and calming process.

And it is exactly this process that our workshop is primarily about.

It's not about achieving artistic excellence, painting a perfect flower or a detailed landscape.

Above all, it is about you taking the space for yourself to paint simply and intuitively, thereby coming to rest and experimenting with colors and shapes.

We will give you an introduction to the world of watercolor painting and show you different, great techniques.

What you then paint is entirely up to you, but of course we have some inspiration and templates.

Again, it is important that you simply listen to what you feel like or what you would like to express.

Free from evaluation and judgment. It's not about performance, but about the creative process!

Whether you paint 5 pictures in an hour or one in two hours, it doesn't matter.

The workshop will take place in our store, surrounded by plants and beautiful things.

For us, our rooms are a place of peace and freedom. We have created our own little world and love to share it and our energies with you!

Duration: 3 hours

No previous knowledge is necessary

All materials are provided

And everything you paint, you take of course

There will also be vegan snacks

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