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"A band should start a comeback only if they can perform bigger and more sophisJcated as they were. Pavlov's Dog did this terrifically successful" (Eclipse Magazine)

"The whole band is absolutely thrilling. The musicianship is stunning, the passion involved in each note is astounding, and everyone is leS at the end of the night with the priceless feeling of having witnessed one of those rare gigs that will remain long in the memory." (Prog Magazine)


As the U.S. based progressive rock phenomenon Pavlov's Dog nears the half century mark of its history, this most curious of legends conJnues to astound its loyal fans with some of the most unique music ever conceived in its genre. Rumors and tall tales abound throughout its storied career, and that of its leader singer/composer David Surkamp.

Founded in 1973 as a quartet consisJng of David, bassist Rick Stockton, violinist Siegfried Carver & drummer Mike Safron, the band was duly signed to ABC Records to the then unheard of sum of $500,000. With industry expectaJons through the roof, Pavlov's Dog delivered one of the most brilliantly confounding debuts of all Jme with its iniJal release "Pampered Menial." To say the album leS journalists someJmes speechless, someJmes tongue-Jed, would be a gross understatement. To put it simply, no one had ever heard anything like the incredible songs and vocal performances of this singular effort. Songs including "Julia," "Late November" & "Of Once & Future Kings" remain concert highlights decades aSer their release.

The foundaJons of mystery developed throughout the following few years. Concert performances with acts including ELO, Arrowsmith, KraSwerk, Nektar and Blue Oyster Cult met rave reviews. Soon upcoming giants, including Heart, Thin Lizzy, Bob Seger and Journey, found themselves opening shows for Pavlov's Dog. SJll, American radio found the band's one of a kind brilliance an uncomfortable fit in the era of the dreaded corporate rock formula.

During the recording of the band's third album, David had reached the breaking point. Unhappy with the ego fits & chaos of the other band members, the bard leS his band behind and journeyed to the great northwest scene of Seagle where he conJnued to explore his unique musical vision. Combining his talents with former Fairport ConvenJon vocalist Ian Maghews, the two friends delivered an exhilaraJng pair of albums under the banner "Hi-Fi." Those two efforts remain valued collectors items in knowing circles.

Pavlov's Dog reappeared briefly for the release of 1990's "Lost In America," and then came together for its 30th anniversary reunion concert in the group's hometown of Saint Louis. Inspired by duo performances with his wife Sara, and the addiJon of world class soloist Abbie Steiling on electric violin, the ensemble returned to the concert stage with Pavlov's Dog turning out electrifying sets in its own grand tradiJon throughout Europe. The band's iniJal return culminated in a breathtaking performance in front of 54,000 fans at the Arrowrock FesJval in Holland.

Not content to rely solely on its classic albums, Pavlov's Dog has conJnued to expand its vision with an unrivaled bevy of new album releases, including two concert albums "Live & Unleashed" and "Housebroken." More importantly, David has composed two extraordinary collecJons of songs on studio released masterpieces "Echo & Boo" and "Prodigal Dreamer." In addiJon, all the original albums have been rereleased with bonus tracks courtesy of Rockville Records.

The rest is yet to come.....................!!!!

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