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Performance Marketing on KI-Steroids

In the organizer's words:

You've come to the right place if you don't want to rely on agencies (anymore) and finally want to start with performance marketing that you're happy with. We'll show you how you can start using AI in performance marketing tomorrow - from defining the right target group to creating creatives and optimizing ads.

The challenges of creating new ads in performance marketing are obvious: the creative process and copywriting first go through numerous internal stages. The agency is then briefed. A considerable amount of time can pass before the ad goes live. In addition, considerable budgets are often used without having any certainty as to whether the target group will react to it at all. Quickly testing and optimizing the ads until the perfect ROAS is achieved is virtually impossible with this approach.

Today, we have the opportunity to radically speed up the ad creation process and make it more efficient. Thanks to AI, we can not only create the creative within 24 hours, but also go live and see the first results. Now the really exciting part begins: finding out if there are any problem areas, analyzing them and changing the ad. AI offers a booster that we can all use - you just have to know how. In the bootcamp, we will show you how to use AI throughout the entire ad creation process.

Stefanie Melzer
Hendrik Lennarz

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3,00 €


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