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Performance von Nicola Gördes & Film "Letzte Nacht" / Fußballkultur - Denk ich an Dich, Europa

In the organizer's words:

On the occasion of EURO 2024, this special exhibition project focuses on the unifying power of soccer and art. And it takes place where everyone comes together: in ten Dortmund pubs of very different kinds.

At first, the film "Letzte Nacht" (Last Night) running in the Lütke-Eck paints a creepy scenario: in a not-too-distant future, different groups come together in a long-closed bar to protect themselves from the current heat and get drunk without restraint. But the evening takes an unexpected turn: it will be the last in a dystopian world that turns against mankind in a dangerous and cruel way.

Afterwards, Nicola Gördes invites you to a competition: in front of the black and yellow pub, everything is ready for nailing - an old German custom that has become a popular drinking game at weddings, village festivals and birthdays. It doesn't take much: a tree trunk, a hammer and nails that you hammer into the wood with as few attempts as possible. Put your strength, control and skill to the test or put them to the test. At the end, of course, there is something exciting to win!

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Dortmunder Kunstverein Rheinische Straße 1 44137 Dortmund

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