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Everything totally pixelated

Ubiquitous, inconspicuous, indispensable - the pixel as a mass product of our ultra-high-resolution, image-flooded world is here to stay. Every display - whether on smartphones, watches, televisions and so on - shows millions of pixels that do their work in an orderly fashion to create images and texts for us. However, the history of these tiny, colored dots or squares goes back to long before the digital world, for example in printing technology as color screens. They are the smallest components of our visual perception. Its simple appearance as an individual part conceals endless development as a combination.

We give the pixel its space

We focus on the individual pixel, on its simple beauty, the fascinating way in which, when paired with other pixels, it lays our vision in a grid and on the absolute high point of pixel history: the gaming era, triggered by the arcade games of the 1970s, which really popularized pixels. The PIXELFIEBER exhibition opens a portal into the square world of retro games. Play, design and pixelate until your eyes become square!

The pixelated exhibits

Whether tube TV, touch screen or screen print, no pixel is 100% square. Jens Neubert and Dirk Mempel stylize the pixel as a square and thus enable all kinds of experiments for the interactive exhibits on 300 m² of the uzwei in the Dortmunder U thanks to the practical basic shape. The scenographic exhibits prepare a pixelated path from, over and through pixel to pixel and, thanks to the many possibilities for interaction, create an open field in which visitors can go on a journey of discovery and rediscovery on their own. The following questions can be explored:

What happens, for example, . ..

...when you squeeze famous works of art into a tight pixel corset?
...when you let an AI paint pixel pictures?
...when you transform into a pixel creature?
...when you play PAC-MAN in three-dimensional space?
...when you visit the Minecraft zoo in real life?

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uzwei Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse 44137 Dortmund

Organizer | Miscellaneous

Dortmunder U Köln


uzwei im Dortmunder U Dortmund

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