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Plantage Dachau

In the organizer's words:

Dachau plantation

A recording of vegetation

Performance by Unpleasant Affairs

The 'Dachau Plantation', founded by the SS in 1938 directly next to the concentration camp and better known as the 'Herb Garden', was one of the largest labor detachments at Dachau concentration camp. It was a building block for the planned war of aggression and the Nazi regime's fantasies of self-sufficiency - an experimental facility between esotericism and efficiency. Up to 1,600 prisoners, mostly Jews, Sinti and Roma, cultivated 220 hectares of land. Many died during the work. After 1945, grass grew over the site, then the ground was sealed with concrete: an industrial area was created. Automobile and screw manufacturers, a gun store, brothels and a confectionery set up shop. A small remnant of the site lies fallow today, the former Nazi buildings are used as accommodation for homeless people and people who have experienced flight.

The collective Unpleasant Affairs invites you to a performative tour of the site. How is the site, which served the Nazis as a prototype for research into compost, medicinal herbalism and German spice production and followed anthroposophical principles of biodynamic agriculture, layered today?

Speakers Jana Baldovino, Jelena Kuljić, Anna McCarthy, Stefan Merki, Julia Riedler | Performers Jana Baldovino, Theresa Hoffmann, Carla Lou Schäfer, Süheyla Ünlü, Jan Grosfeld Concept Caroline Kapp, Manon Haase | Director & Artistic Director Caroline Kapp | Assistant Director Jan Grosfeld | Dramaturgy Manon Haase | Artistic Research Liv Rahel, Schwenk, Beo Tomek | Space & Costume Teresa Häusler | Assistant Set Design Merle Häußler | AssistantScenography Florian Knöbl | Sound Design & Composition Florian Wulff | Graphics Joyce Moore | Lighting Design & Technical Direction Katrin Langner | Production Management Lara Schubert | Translation into English Élise Hendrick

Dates: Fri 27.07. | 12:00 + 15:30

Sat 28.07. | 12:00 + 15:30

Location: Plantage Dachau, meeting point at Dachau-Ost station at the above times

Tickets: 30€ support ticket | 18€ normal | 12€ reduced | 5€ minimum

ATTENTION: The Dachau-Ost train station at the bus stop 'Kräutergarten' is the starting point of the performance. The journey there is independent. The audience will receive the link to a radio play in advance, which will be listened to during the journey. When you purchase your ticket, you will be sent a 45-minute audio play that will accompany you on the journey to the meeting point. The audio play is an integral part of the work. You should therefore plan enough time for it on your journey and take your internet-enabled smartphone and headphones with you to play the file; in Dachau you will be given wireless headphones to listen to an audio track during the performance. End devices or headphones for playing the first radio play during the journey will not be provided!

The journey to Dachau is individual (public transport from Munich approx. 1h: S2 from Munich main station to Dachau S-Bahn stop and from there continue by bus 744 to the final stop 'Kräutergarten'). Travel costs are not covered by the performance ticket.

The event is barrier-free to a limited extent.

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