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Pöbel MC live | Dissputation 2024 / 2025 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

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In the organizer's words:

From November, the raucous Regiohustler will finally be rolling through the German-speaking territories again and tearing up the willing moshpit beasts and club facilities. This means rabble sports par excellence in the excessive, solid, dynamic vibe of a damn good punk concert with attitude-boosting rabble rap on juicy, modern beats that both stimulates and addresses the right people. In a dream team with hard bass legend Multilingual Mike, he is an unbeatable live force that nobody can ignore! "Dissputation" is the name of his upcoming tour. This means: It's going to a new level and everything so far will be put in the shade.

After three almost completely sold-out tours in two years, PÖBEL MC allowed himself a longer absence from the stage, during which he completed altitude training in hostile rocky landscapes to further enhance his unique live performance and took part in a jungle expedition to save endangered animal species, the forefather of rhetorical athleticism is now back with his Dissputation.

PÖBEL MC is a phenomenon: the rapper managed to achieve legendary fame organically within a short space of time. No interviews, no playlist placements, no strategic self-promotion on the relevant channels of the tech giants, no confetti cannons and no unnecessary gimmicky junk on tour. Simply strong tracks, maximum presence on stage, unleashed energy paired with the highest quality and endurance. PÖBEL MC plays everything and everyone against the wall with sporty elegance. His approach is minimalist and maximally effective: whether it's a live club, a noble concert hall, a solo party, a ship or a sprawling festival stage - PÖBEL MC makes it bang everywhere so that the floor shakes. The concert hybrid of punchline thunderstorm, socially critical lesson and beer shower is a place to be.

So don't miss the dissputation of PÖBEL MC!

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