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Polaris und das Rätsel der Polarnacht

In the organizer's words:

An entertaining journey of discovery

James, a penguin from the South Pole with a thirst for knowledge who is traveling around the world, meets the polar bear Vladimir in the icy world of the North Pole. The two become friends and tell each other about their homeland. Together they look at the stars and wonder about the different polar nights at the South Pole and the North Pole.

To solve this mystery, the two friends build an observatory and observe the night sky. They recognize wonderful constellations and the planet Saturn with its rings. Both come to the conclusion that they need more information and must compare the Earth with the other planets. James and the ingenious engineer Vladimir build a spaceship and fly into space. They explore Mars and Saturn and discover that planets are different, but also have days, nights and seasons similar to Earth. Looking at the Earth from space, they finally find the answer to why the nights are sometimes long and then so short.

An affectionate and entertaining, but also very educational journey of discovery for young and old!

Admission: 12,- Euro, reduced 7,50 Euro. Duration approx. 45 minutes. Recommended from 8 years.

You can also listen to this show in English, French or Spanish via audio service. Live parts are not translated.

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Planetarium Hamburg Linnering 1 (Stadtpark) 22299 Hamburg

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