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Four selected films by Hayao Miyazaki once again on the big screen

Screening in the German dubbed version

In cooperation with Nippon Connection

In 1920s Italy, air pirates make the skies unsafe. The courageous pilot Porco Rosso, half man, half pig, tries to protect cargo planes from the pirates for a fee. When Porco flies to Milan to have his plane checked, he has a confrontation with the American air pirate Curtis, who promptly knocks Porco out of the sky. He survives the attack, but his plane is wrecked. An engineer friend and his granddaughter Fiona immediately set about repairing the aircraft. Together, the dream team manages to get the plane back in top shape. And this is absolutely necessary, after all Porco doesn't want to let the attack by pirate Curtis sit on his hands. The rivals finally clash again in a competition.

Japan 1992; Director: Hayao Miyazaki

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