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In the organizer's words:

1000 years of city history in 60+ minutes

Potsdam's development from the Middle Ages to the present day is traced with over 500 original objects and in pictures, short texts, audio and film clips: historical highlights and traditions, famous personalities, anecdotes and curiosities.

Where and when was the city founded? What did Frederick II have his guards at the city gates tell him? How did the Old Market develop in the 18th century?

How did Casanova or Alexander von Humboldt experience Potsdam? People from half of Europe - who came when and why? Why does the imported mulberry tree still grow here today? When was Potsdam considered a flourishing manufacturing city and what was produced here?

Why did Hindenburg and Hitler open the Reichstag in March 1933 in Potsdam of all places? Where did the Soviet army have bases in Potsdam? How did the city get through the period of change in 1989?

The diverse history of the city is told in an understandable and memorable way: Luxury and splendor, immigration and the military, kings and the bourgeoisie, religion, urban development and architecture, art, crafts and scientific achievements.

Curious? We look forward to your visit!

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