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Ausverkauft | PROVINZ | HEIMWEG TOUR 2024

In the organizer's words:

All there, all beautiful. The band history of Provinz reads like a brilliant exclamation mark: Festival headlining slots, countless sold-out live shows and their own tours across Germany, over 430 million streams, two #10 albums in the official German charts, several singles in the airplay charts, appearances across the German TV landscape - the foursome from southern Germany has recently made a name for themselves and it's hard to imagine the German-language music landscape without them.

Between the distinctive vocal color of frontman Vincent - sometimes melancholic, sometimes feverish, but always standing out - you'll find an infectious sound construct that makes free use of indie, alternative, but also electronic elements and lyrically circulates around the blueprint between rebellion, lovesickness, mental health, attitude towards life and of course the province.

In 2020, Provinz released their Top 5 debut album "Wir bauten uns Amerika" (We built America), and as a result were first voted "Best Newcomer" in 2020 and the following year immediately "Best Band" at the 1LIVE Krone. Their sophomore album "Zorn & Liebe" (#2), released in 2022, shows that the band can still draw far in their musical creativity without falling into repetition: the singles "Zorn & Liebe" feat. Nina Chuba, "Verrate deine Freunde", "Spring", "17 für immer", "Zwei Menschen" and "Unsere Bank" feat. Danger Dan were streamed millions of times and lift the band's success story to a new level.

While the debut still relied more on handmade instrumentation, coming-of-age themes and unpolished emotionality, "Zorn & Liebe" increasingly targets more thoroughly produced elements, floating synth soundscapes for example, danceable beats or sequencer effects, as they could be heard for the first time in their song "Großstadt" (2021, from the EP "Zu spät um umzudrehen"). In addition, the band continues to show how much they enjoy a wide variety of collaborations, which began in the summer of 2021 with "Liebe zu dritt" alongside JEREMIAS and MAJAN and most recently continued with Nina Chuba (Zorn & Liebe), Casper (Betäub mich) and Danger Dan (Unsere Bank). In the mix, all this results in irresistibly good songs that are "next level province" in every respect.

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