Queerslam mit Catwalk

In the organizer's words:

Hello art enthusiasts, poetry slam fans and queers!

The Dortmund Queerslam at the Dietrich Keuning Haus is an experience - that much is certain. On the surface, six queer poets vie for the audience's favor in the competition. They have to adhere to three rules: they may only perform texts they have written themselves, they may not use any props and they may not be on stage for longer than what feels like six minutes. The texts are often as varied as the performers themselves. They can be political, funny, personal, lyrical, prosaic, Dadaist, romantic, etc. The audience decides which performance they liked best and who gets to fight for victory in the final.

We have Pridemonth all year round and our event collective, the Wohnzimmerslam, has been organizing poetry slams in Dortmund for 9 years. At Queerslam, only queer artists take to the stage to make spoken word spaces more colorful and explicitly make people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community heard.

The evening will be hosted by a moderation duo from the Wohnzimmerslam collective, who will guide you through the evening. We also welcome a musical featured artist at the beginning, who will play a few songs to warm up the audience and prepare them for the word sport.

Above all, we see the slam as a show and a place for poetry, gender euphoria and queer joy. That's why there's a catwalk after the break, for example. Anyone who wants to can take part by bringing along outfits or clothes from our collection. Stagger up, request a song, walk down the catwalk to applause and maybe even win a small prize. We love that! You can also get free henna tattoos throughout the event - why not enjoy several art forms at once?

We strive to make our events as safe as possible so that everyone feels comfortable and can participate in great art. Any form of discrimination has no place here. In order to live up to this claim, we have an awareness person on site who is available during the event for questions, criticism and emotional support. Above all, we want to help create queer safe spaces in which all participants can enjoy culture without having to pretend. So come as you are: colorful, loud, covered and great, however u feel comfortable.

Admission starts at 6 pm, the slam at 7 pm. Admission is by donation at the Box Office. Pay what you want!

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Dietrich-Keuning-Haus Leopoldstraße 50-58 44147 Dortmund