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Read together!

In the organizer's words:

At the shared flat reading evening, authors present short stories they have written themselves. Whether funny, thought-provoking, taken straight from life or fictional: any story that fits the short story format is welcome.

All speakers have 15 - 20 minutes to present their story. In addition to professional authors, there are always one or two newbies who have never presented their texts on stage before. Curator and presenter Nada Assaad ensures a balanced mix when selecting the texts.
After each presentation, there's a relaxed chat between the author and the presenter so that it's not just about reading aloud. After all, we are not (!) a traditional reading.

You can find all further information on Instagram at @readtogether_koeln.


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Price information:

from €14.21


Die Wohngemeinschaft Richard-Wagner-Straße 39 50674 Köln

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