PHOTO: © NS-Dokumentationszentrum München | Ansicht 2019 | Foto: Connolly Weber

Rechtsterrorismus. Verschwörung und Selbstermächtigung – 1945 bis heute

In the organizer's words:

The exhibition "Right-wing terrorism. Conspiracy and self-empowerment - 1945 to the present day", which runs until July 28, 2024, deals with a topic that is unfortunately permanently topical: right-wing terrorism is a threat in Germany and worldwide. Right-wing terrorist violence is directed against individuals and population groups and thus ultimately against society as a whole. Right-wing terrorists plan and commit attacks, assaults and murders. Their intention is to weaken the state and society and create a climate of fear.

Using local, regional and international examples, the ongoing right-wing terrorist threat from the past to the present is made visible and historically located - including the Oktoberfest attack on September 26, 1980 and the attack at the Munich Olympic shopping center on July 22, 2016. It becomes clear that right-wing terrorism is not a temporary and local phenomenon of the present, but a constant companion of German and international history. The consequences of right-wing terrorist violence for those affected by it also become clear - mourning for the dead and injured, trauma and the painful struggle for recognition of what has been suffered.

Every Tuesday at 5.30 pm and every Sunday at 3 pm there are free public tours of the exhibition.

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NS-Dokumentationszentrum München Kunstareal - Max-Mannheimer-Platz 80333 München

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