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Theater Tanz Performance
In the organizer's words:
The theme of Susanna Ylikoski and Raz Mantell's residency is collaboration, and the core question is: What is collaboration? What forms can collaboration take? And what is made possible in and through collaboration? The two artists* want to explore the means and spaces in which exchange takes place. And in what ways this exchange is a creative act.

In doing so, they want to conceive of collaboration as biological processes. Depending on the already existing vegetation, the soil and the climate - a specific environment is created. The bodies are perceived as vegetation, the studio space as the ground, and the climate as the climate of the season.

The artists* question their relationship to social hierarchies and explore how to break down their notions of beginning and end, of initiating and reacting, of creating and performing. In this way, they create space for their notion of coexistence - a web, a forest, a society, a collaboration. In it, everyone and everything contributes to a meaning, to a force, to something becoming.

reinkommen is the latest series of the ada studio. It gives young choreographers the opportunity to open up their work process, invite the audience to come in and engage in conversation. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

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Uferstudios Uferstr. 8/23 13357 Berlin

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