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In the organizer's words:

How about making an album that feels like the old days again? An album from the inside of the band. With a sound from the roots of the band and lyrics from the hearts of the band? Rock music. No frills. No leaving the lights on. Simply on the twelve!

Why not just dispense with the (ailing) mechanisms of the industry? No big promo phase, no streaming, no singles, no radio. No, just go back to the roots. Just music, just the fans, small halls, hard music.

That's R/H/1.

A studio album from the heart of the band. A sound from the soul of the band and a tour for the fans of the band. And only there you can get the album. To hear, to feel and to experience. For people who have grown with this band, who share their life and their world view with the band and who want to experience exactly this original feeling once again.

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