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In the organizer's words:
From the keyhole perspective of a whimsically naive and perceptive girl, the story is told of wandering confused widows, of golden footwear and love-struck men's letters, of corset-restrained bodies, kitchen machines gone wild, and timeless cylindrical ladies with their doggies on slanting leashes. From a curious distance, Rita observes the female cosmos in which she grows up: housewives, mothers, neighbors, aunts, divas, and beings between man and woman. Their suffering from the narrowness and monotony of their everyday lives in the 1950s and 60s, their secret, often bizarre longings for change and transformation are the leitmotif of all these stories brought to the stage. They combine with Rita's childish fears, with awakening lust and dreamed-up debauchery of the adolescents up to the fantasy journeys of the ninety-year-old, who now no longer waits for a great love to break in, but "with bated breath for a great terror".

The dreams of these women manifest themselves in the things of their very closest surroundings, the dresses, bags, pearl necklaces, scarves, and delicately colored silk lingerie: Objects and signs of female experience of the world, projection surfaces of their feelings, visions and memories.

The play unfolds on a fine line between reality and fantasy, between satire and melancholy with surprising breaks, cracks in the bourgeois facade, about-turns and metamorphoses. A residue of mystery and enigma always remains, giving pleasure and goose bumps in equal measure. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

10.00 - 15.00€


ACUD MACHT NEU Veteranenstr. 21 10119 Berlin

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