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Roger Rekless & Horst Wegener - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

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In the organizer's words:

Alternate date for 11/17/2023 at Ampere, tickets remain valid.

Here is Roger Rekless' statement about the rescheduling:

Dear Folks,
I'm lying here in bed with Rona and I wish I could blame the following on that. I wish I could say, "Hey, I'm sick, I can't do the tour prep the way it needs to be done, and so we have to postpone it." That would suck too, and is true now, but there's another reason. We just didn't do enough wave, and the venues wouldn't be as full as they need to be for a tour. Personally, I also stand in front of 30 people and give everything, because I don't do the whole thing to get celebrated, but to share what I love with you. But the whole thing has to be economically justifiable, and with all the increased costs we (organizers, musicians and venues) simply need a minimum of security that it will pay off.

I was so happy about all the messages I got when I told you how we need to do a bit more and sell tickets, and I want to thank you. And still, unfortunately, it wasn't enough. So we decided to postpone, and that is to the beginning of March. The venues will also remain the same, except for Munich. Thanks to all of you who made this possible. Tickets keep their validity, but if it doesn't work out with a new date, you can also return the ticket.

Phew, now it's out. And as hard as the last days were, because it pulled me down incredibly and I was totally struggling with doubts, I'm more motivated again. We also have new music to kick it all off. See you in March!
your Roger Rekless (& Horst Wegener)

Melanin - This is dark skin and hair pigments. It symbolically stands for ethnically marginalized people and is nowadays considered an empowering synonym for "Black is Beautiful". Roger Rekless' album Melanin sounds like a personal diary entry in which real feelings such as anger, despair,sadness and love are not veiled. It also takes a comprehensive look at general black life in Germany: No Justice, No Peace - Enemy or Ally? There is no discussion. Together with Horst Wegener, who himself has been committed for years against racism and any form of discrimination in his music and away from it, the two now bring Melanin to the stage.

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Milla Club Holzstraße 28 80469 München

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Ampere Zellstraße 4 81667 München


Muffatwerk München

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