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You know what the Twente Enschede club crest looks like, you know which clubs André Schürrle played for and you recognize Carlos Valderrama on a Panini? If you also have an idea of what the current goal anthem of SC Freiburg sounds like, what the mascot of Eintracht Frankfurt is called, and which countries fought the soccer war against each other, then you've come to the right place. Since soccer is a team sport, you should get reinforcements and compete in teams of up to 5 players (if there are 6 participants, we will deduct 3 points; if there are 7 participants or more, several teams would have to be formed). If you don't have any teammates (yet), you are also welcome to come by on your own and we will help you find them.

Quiz as a team and compete for the trophy. Ponder together over 50 questions in 10 categories and enjoy the moment of triumph when a particularly hard nut has been cracked. Delicious drinks will be served on top. Be there when the Champions League anthem sounds!

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we are looking forward to seeing you!

Staubi and Simon

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Gottes Grüne Wiese Bismarckstraße 53 50672 Köln

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