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Santiano stands for irrepressible longing, boundless freedom and the very big adventure. Santiano's incredibly impressive success story was written primarily on stage, where the band's fascination unfolds in a most magical way. With their phenomenal live shows and ever-changing stage themes, they continue to thrill an audience of millions. Now the North German band hoists the sails for their next musical adventure. They are setting out on a voyage of discovery in the direction of the legendary Doggerland. Its myths are not only the subject of their new album of the same name, which will be released at the beginning of October, but also the "headline" of their big "Auf nach Doggerland! The New Tour 2024."

Seven consecutive Top 1 albums, more than five million records sold, over a billion album streams, quite a few gold, platinum and diamond awards - since their first longplayer just over 10 years ago, Santiano has racked up one capital of success after another. Now the shanty rockers are setting course for Doggerland, a world surrounded by legends, a world that sank into the North Sea thousands of years ago and whose stories continue to captivate people. Even today, traces from that time can be found in the nets of fishermen - early ancestors of the Schleswig-Holsteiners, with whom the band feels deeply connected. Once again it becomes clear what role authenticity plays in Santiano's work, since it is their own stories that they tell in their songs.

Not least because of this, one experiences one of Germany's most successful bands above all on stage as a real elemental force, whose unbridled passion can hardly be stopped. They live and love what they do and have lost none of their energy in all the years of their immense success. The audience is only too happy to be taken into the fascinating world of Santiano. Because at each of their rousing concerts, that very special moment occurs when the band enters the stage and lasts until the last note has faded away.

Their instantly recognizable sound of powerful rock, traditional shanty influences, driving Irish folk elements and rousing, as well as catchy pop-rock melodies also serve Santiano on their new album "Doggerland" to create the songs that are typical for them and so popular with their fans. Driving beats, powerful choruses and infectious hooks will also define the live program of their "Doggerland - The New Tour 2024" and ensure a unique, unforgettable live experience. Starting on April 9, 2024, for a total of 22 dates, Santiano will take their audience back in time to the end of the last ice age and tell the stories, sagas and legends surrounding Doggerland in an impressive and conceivably emotional way.

Seemingly effortlessly, the band with a penchant for breakers and squalls manages to inspire an incredibly diverse, colorful and cross-generational audience at each and every one of their energetic concerts - whether big, small, young or old - they all join in and party until the last stage light is extinguished.

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LANXESS arena Willy-Brandt-Platz 3 50679 Köln

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