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satznachvorn - Finale!

In the organizer's words:

Aachen's monthly poetry slam

Germany's westernmost poetry slam has been held at the Kulturraum Raststätte for over 25 years. Every month, slam poets from all over Germany step up to the mic to entertain the audience with their texts and let them vote on who does it best.
The rules for participants in this literary competition are very simple: the text must be self-written, there is a time limit of six minutes for each presentation and props? Props are forbidden! However, there are no limits to the texts themselves: they can be humorous, thought-provoking, political, lyrical or simply nonsensical.
The audience can therefore expect a great evening with a colorful and unpredictable mix of storytelling, comedy, poetry, rap and improvisation.

The final edition of the iconic "satznachvorn" will be a guest performance at the Musikbunker. Here, the best artists of the current season will compete against each other for the coveted starting place at the NRW Poetry Slam Championships.

Also taking part are:
- Jana Goller
- Malte Küppers
- Jill Ziegler
- Käte
- Eva Lisa
- René Greschert
- Heidi Daniels
- Jan Schmidt
- Klara Schmitt
- t.b.a.

Moderation: Oscar Malinowski & Lukas Knoben
Organizer: Musikbunker

Admission from 19:00

This year we are moving to the Musikbunker for the grand finale. Furthermore, the event will exceptionally take place on a Thursday due to the European Football Championship!

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Musikbunker Rehmannstraße 52066 Aachen

Organizer | Collective

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