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Savvy - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

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In the organizer's words:

Far away from hypes and transience, somewhere between rap and pop you can find the young

artist Savvy. He deals with the realities of his generation and processes this in his music.

his music. An artist who speaks with heart and head.

From the first lyrics at the age of 11, first tracks on YouTube and Soundcloud to the own

label. Savvy founded in 2019 together with three of his best friends the label "245 Hoodlove"

and released the debut album "245" in the same year. Since then, five EPs and two

albums. Most recently, he released the single "Mit Dir."

He takes inspiration for his lyrics from his own life and the things that occupy him privately.

preoccupy him. Savvy sees music as a mouthpiece for his emotions, which he can release and detach from.


Going through different phases of life keeps popping up in Savvy's music. Not least in

his latest album "Keine Angst". There he traverses different stages. From panic,

fear and danger in the intro to "Ich habe keine Angst mehr" (I'm not afraid anymore) in the album's penultimate song, in which he

sketches the way away from fear. All in one a concept work.

It's not hard to see that Savvy, along with his producers, is creating something for the future

for the future. This is not music for the short hype. This is music to let go.

With fresh releases Savvy is now doing another round and is touring Germany in December.

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