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Schaf sehen. Eine theatrale Verschwörungserzählung. Text von Juliane Hendes

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In a self-help group on the subject of conspiracy narratives, Johanna describes the story of her brother and mentally travels
to the place where he was lost to her. It is a place on the border between alternative ideas of life and a world full of conspiracy theories. It quickly becomes clear that nothing here is as it seems. What is and must be covered by freedom of expression and what is dangerous for our form of government? Following their previous year's production "Dunkeldorf" (shortlisted for Theatertreffen 2024), director Christof Seeger-Zurmühlen and author Juliane Hendes explore conspiracy narratives and their impact on our coexistence in "Schaf sehen.". How do you talk to someone who can no longer be reached with arguments? How do you react when loved ones spread theories that range from false to completely absurd? Part of the population has already said goodbye to democratic discourse. Are we at the point where our entire form of society is in danger? And if so, is there a way back?

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