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Abgesagt | Schattensprung

Children & Families Theater Kinder & Jugendliche Kinder (bis 13 Jahre) Kleinkind (bis 6 Jahre)
In the organizer's words:

Do you know this? Your heart starts beating loudly, your teeth start chattering, you get goose bumps, your hair stands on end and you shiver. Clearly, the fear is there! But why?

Is it because you're afraid of being alone in the dark or there are weird shadows dancing on the wall? Are you scared of the spider that's rappelling down in front of your nose? Are you afraid of loud and angry adults? Are you worried that grandma will die soon? Are you afraid of heights or the big bad wolf? What helps: comfort and a hug or being together and cuddling with friends and family? How does it work to chase away fear, and how do we scare others?

Brazilian choreographer Regina Rossi asked children how they experience, endure and overcome the feeling of fear. From this research she develops - together with the ensemble of the Parkaue - movement sequences, dance steps and songs for the stage. "Schattensprung" is a dance theater piece and also a concert that invites: to recognize and feel one's own fears, to sing and dance! Just (don't) be afraid!

With the production "Schattensprung" by Regina Rossi, the Theater an der Parkaue would like to strengthen the art form of dance for young audiences in its program. The means of dance invite the audience to develop their own approaches to stories from movement sequences, bodies and dance sequences.

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Theater an der Parkaue Parkaue 29 10367 Berlin

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