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SCHAUFEL & BESEN - Label Konzert Sause Nr. 7 mit COMPADRE und USCHI

In the organizer's words:

Dear music lovers and those who might want to become one,


But who are we and what do we want anyway?
SCHAUFEL & BESEN RECORDS sees itself as a platform for Munich's musical subculture. Founded in 2022 by members from the indie scene to strengthen the city's musical network. From Munich and for more loud, strange, colorful Munich for everyone. Look forward with us to legendary events, wild concerts and fresh bands:

The three COMPADRES present a sharp mix of rock, blues and Americana (self-described "heavy blues rock"), which they translate into energetic and sometimes excessively improvised live sets.
The different roots and upbringing experiences of Roy (Scotland), Max (Germany) and Sassan (Germany/Iran) are reflected in intense, rousing songs.
Following the release of their debut album "Sunset Sins and Sunrise Lullabies" in 2022, several singles have already been released with "Schaufel & Besen Records".
The three boys' big dream is to one day be able to perform their music in all three of their countries of origin.
Can't be long now... (Source: Bandinfo)

You, me and we are USCHI.
USCHI sees itself as a collective of music-makers who all embody this pseudonym. The focus is on interests such as women's rights, equal rights, animals, everyday life, politics, the local subculture and more. Somewhere between irony, melancholy, pain and Dada humor, the band moves musically between post-punk, noise and alternative. The three dividuals behind the music embody their sound with energy and self-irony. Sometimes banal, sometimes absurd, sometimes profound and serious, but never too serious. Life offers too much joy and pondering makes wrinkles. USCHI's past was characterized by "difficult decisions" and "short & crisp" songs, with the aim of spreading the joy of music and shaking up patriarchal structures. The roots of USCHI lie in the most beautiful idyll of Munich - the Bürgerpark in Oberföhring. Not only does the band feel at home there, but also at "Schaufel & Besen Records". The current EP"NEXT" was released on "Schaufel & Besen Records". Recorded and produced by "No World Records". (Source: Bandinfo)

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Price information:

B.O.: 7-15 Euro (Pay what you want)


Sunny Red Hansastraße 41 81373 München

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