PHOTO: © Ingo Boelter

Schmidt Mitternachtsshow

In the organizer's words:

More than 30 years of Schmidt Theater, that's more than 30 years of "Schmidt Midnight Show"! True to the motto "the older, the better", the late-night classic celebrates the oldest Schmidt tradition - anarchy - with a vengeance, even and especially in adulthood.

Unusual and bizarre, surprising and spontaneous - every two weeks, two presenters create a show that only exists once: Every week the night has a new wacky motto, birthday children get their money's worth, the "band of the evening" is the musical side-kick, much is improvised and the guest artists - whether comedians, breakdance acrobats, magicians, poets, jugglers, travesty artists, sword swallowers or mind magicians - are different every time. That's because the presenters introduce the "best acts" in our country to each other and to the audience. But what are the best acts? Some of them are good, others are rather bad - from mercilessly good to mercilessly bad!

We take no responsibility for the taste of our presenters and the question "Is this art or can it go?" is passed on to the audience. Should you feel provoked by a program point ... then this is most likely intended. Here we eat what is put on the table. So raise your cups and cheers - only at Schmidt!

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Schmidt Theater Spielbudenplatz 24-25 20359 Hamburg

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