Schönheit ist ein Verbrechen N°5

In the organizer's words:

"Beauty is a crime 05" is the provocative title of a series of exhibitions by the group "Team Schön".

What is beauty anyway? Can beauty still be an artistic position in our times, characterized by wars and catastrophes? Is beauty not inevitably a refusal of this reality? Or is it a way of coping?

Eight female artists and one male artist founded "Team Schön" in order to artistically examine the concept of beauty and implement it in a new form. This gave rise to the idea of this exhibition series, which has now been
will be continued.

Here is an overview of the exhibiting artists:

Biography Gertrud Aumayr

Biography Irmgard Beirle

Biography Tania Engelke

Biography Ilse Feiner

Biography Manon Heupel

Biography Kristin Kümmerle

Biography Eva-Maria Mandok

Biography Mathias Otto

Biography Ursula Rössner

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Galerie im LDBV Alexandrastraße 4 80538 München

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