PHOTO: © Paolo Chaibrando/Unsplash

Schund & Asche deluxe

In the organizer's words:

With Moritz Neumeier and Till Reiners.

The proceeds of the evening will be donated 100% to Sea-Watch.

This is chaos and order, politics and nonsense, love and hate and above all Till Reiners and Moritz Neumeier. The two stand up comedians perform with each other in this show, but mainly against each other.

Moritz is a family man and country kid, Till is a DINK and Berliner. Although they are so different, they fit together perfectly. In several rounds of games, Till and Moritz try to outdo each other with wordplay, improvisation and repartee. They each want to show the other who is the better entertainer, ah: human being.

Without regard for losses, they run through a minefield of topics, not only putting their foot in their mouths, but also in deep fryers. Whether daily politics, private or trivial - they talk about everything and nothing. And that is not only funny, but extremely entertaining.

No matter how the evening turns out, you'll be in the black: 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Sea Watch. They rescue refugees from the Mediterranean and need every euro.

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St. Pauli Theater Spielbudenplatz 29-30 20359 Hamburg

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