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SCHWARZ | A Crack Of Light Tour 2023 | Dortmund

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Roland Meyer de Voltaire gained a lot of attention through the highly acclaimed long-term documentary "Wie ein Fremder - Ein deutsche Popmusikgeschichte" (Like a Stranger - A German Pop Music Story), which aired on 3sat and Netflix in 2021. If the documentary told the story of his career as singer of the indie band Voltaire to the new start of his electro solo project as SCHWARZ, he now follows up with his second album "red pill". In contrast to the rather orchestral SCHWARZ debut "White Room", he has now found his way back to the guitar, and puts his versatile voice even more in the foreground. A voice that can be intimate, and yet, as in the context of the Schiller Tour 2019, sweeps entire arenas off their feet.

On 15.09. Roland Meyer de Voltaire will present his album "red pill" (label: Styleheads/ Believe) live for the first time at an album release show at the Colosseum Berlin. In December the long awaited album release "A CRACK OF LIGHT" tour will follow.

Rolling Stone writes "Contemporary beats and deeply felt songwriting. An introspective, artful and touching album from someone who has music in him."

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